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  • Localcenter Sønderskovhus
  • Lystrup Centervej 78
  • 8520 Lystrup
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One wing of Sønderskovhus includes 24 nursing apartments and after a total rebuilding of the care centre the apartments where reduced to 12 nursing apartments equipped with the latest technology in healthand care front solutions. The kitchen solution consists of Ropox height adjustable solutions for cabinets and table worktop solutions according to the many different individual requirements for improved ergonomic working conditions in the nursing apartment and the shared kitchen.

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  • Bostedet Munkehatten
  • Munkehatten 2-6
  • 5220 Odense SØ
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Bright, friendly and modern!
Munkehatten is a residence with 45 new apartments for people with disabilities.
The apartments of 50sq metres with kitchen and bathroom, are furnished with flexible
Ropox Kitchen- and Bathroom solutions.


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  • Plejecenteret Snorrebakken
  • Snorrebakke Alle 2
  • 3700 Rønne
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The new care center of Bornholm, Snorrebakken, contains 60 2-bedroom homes with private bathroom and kitchens. For every 15 homes are decorated a large common room with kitchen. It creates living environments so that the individual older people can actively participate in everyday activities, to the extent they wish.
Ropox has delivered flexible kitchen solutions for this Care Center.

bosted park alle skãlskãr  
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  • Bosted
  • Park Allé
  • 4230 Skæskør
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The residence has room for 20 citizens, some residents have physical/mental disabilities.

All residents have a great need for support including support for means of communication.

Ropox has delivered a kitchen solution for the joint/shared kitchen which consists of kitchen working tables that are height adjustable as required for both standing and sitting work.

plejecenter dybenskãrhave  
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  • Plejecenter Dybenskærhave
  • 2650 Hvidovre
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”Dybenskærhave” is a home with a light and modern furnishing. The building contains  71 flats spread out over 3 floors.

For the kitchen solution Ropox has delivered kitchen working tables which are height adjustable as needed for both standing and sitting work.



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