Oversigt Kongebrocenteret  
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  • Kongebrocentret
  • 6070 Christiansfeld
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Kongebrocentret was built in 2007 and have 27 apartments for permanent residents of these are two apartments for spouses. In 2018 the nursing home expanded with 10 new apartments.

Ropox has furnished the bathrooms with Ropox Toilet Lifter and Support Washbasin solution can easily be adjusted according to the many different individual requirements.

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  • Local centre Sønderskovhus
  • Lystrup Centervej 78
  • 8520 Lystrup
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One wing of Sønderskovhus includes 24 nursing apartments and after a total rebuilding of the care centre the apartments where reduced to 12 nursing apartments equipped with the latest technology in healthand care front solutions.

Ropox has furnished the bathrooms with the swing wash basins and this bathroom solution can easily be adjusted according to the many different individual requirements for improved ergonomic working conditions.

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sydbo bygning  
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  • Sydbo
  • Assensvej
  • 5771 Stenstrup
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Sydbo – This day care Centre is a social activity Centre for people with physical and mental functional disabilities. The aim is to facilitate the daily living for individual people with functional disabilities and help them to live a life where they can express themselves, make their own choices and decisions in life.

The Ropox Swing washbasin is a part of the bathroom solution and it meets all the demands for a better working environment required by the individual users and staff.

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lilleskov bygning  
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  • Lilleskov
  • Grejsdalen 15-19
  • 5800 Nyborg
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The 48 new apartments allow the residents to invite their family and friends to pay them a visit in their own individual home and the new care home will improve the quality of life for a great number of people who requires special need and care.

One more advantage is that the new center, Lilleskov, is situated close to the town, shopping Centre and, the areas Nyborg Vold, with the beautiful surroundings inviting you to take a walk.

The bathroom solutions include the Swing washbasin and the toilet supports. The products can easily be adjusted according to the many different individual requirements for improved ergonomic working conditions for the staff.

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fp bygningen 1000x600  
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  • The future Residential home (elderly)
  • Carl Klitgaards Vej
  • 9000 Aalborg
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The building includes 75 nursing apartments which are 2 room flats of approx 79 m2 and a few of approx 89m2 for married couples.

Lots of delightful activity areas have the effect that residents get out of their apartments as new welfare technologies create great safety/security for residents and considerably improve the working environment for employees.
In the Ropox bathroom solutions have swing washbasin, that enters into the drafts, contribute and strengthens the desire of residents being more self-reliant, them having optimal safety plus improving working environment for staff.

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  • Bostedet Munkehatten
  • Munkehatten 2-6
  • 5220 Odense SØ
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Bright, friendly and modern!
Munkehatten is a residence with 45 new apartments for people with disabilities.
The apartments of 50sq metres with kitchen and bathroom, are furnished with flexible
Ropox Kitchen- and Bathroom solutions.


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  • Sundheds- og Omsorgshotellet
  • Vikærgården
  • Hvidkildevej 1
  • 8240 Risskov
beskrivelse-ikon  Description

A small look into future care offer!
Vikærgården consists of 12 apartments, equipped with the latest technology in health
and care front.
Aarhus establishes a new offer on daily rehabilitation, where a significant part of
rehabilitation is to test and evaluate the need for welfare technology solutions.
The aim is to exploit technological opportunities, so people with disabilities can be as
self-reliant as possible.
Ropox has provided various decorations with flexible solutions from the Aqualine series.

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  • Vestergården Aalborg
  • Annebjergvej 73
  • 9000 Aalborg
beskrivelse-ikon  Description

New nursing center!
Vestergården has 25 apartments with own bathroom and kitchen.
Ropox have furnished the bathrooms with the swing wash basins and corresponding
Dock-In station.


rise plejehjem  
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  • Rise Plejehjem
  • Rise Bygade 50
  • 6230 Rødekro
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Rise Nursing Home consists of 21 one-room apartments and 12 2-room apartments.
Over the next few years, the nursing home extends to 84 modern nursing home places.
Ropox have delivered different bathroom solutions for the most of the bathrooms, with
the flexible solutions from the Aqualine series.


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  • Guderup Plejecenter
  • Parkvej 20
  • 6430 Nordborg
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Guderup Care Center is located in a scenic area overlooking the greenery.
Near the nursing home, lays 24 senior houses that is in a more or less degree
contected to the care center.
Here Ropox have delivered the swing wash basins for the apartments bathrooms.



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