A mobile support table for people with mobility disabilities

Get-Up is a sit-/stand table that offers people with limited physical capacity the needed help to get into standing position and to sit down. It has an ergonomic design and intelligent features that make users more independent and self-reliant. It is also a table that is often used in training sessions in occupational and physiotherapy.


A support table that gives the user the help they need

The table has electrical height adjustment from 75-135 cm making it suitable for both standing and seated use. It is easy to adjust the table height with the hand control. The tabletop grips and arm supports helps the user to get a firm hold when they wish to stand up. From here they can use their arms to help pull themselves into an upright position. If additional support is required, you can mount a person lifter system.

When using the person lifter, you fasten a sling to the table which the user can lean on. The user can rely on the sling to carry them if they cannot stand or sit unsupported when the height is adjusted. The person lifter and the height adjustment can either be activated simultaneously or separately. In practice, this makes the table very user-friendly, and it also increases safety for the user.


An ergonomic supporting table you can adjust to individual needs

The height adjustable Get-Up table is supplied with a light grey laminate tabletop with a black edge. It has a practical and convenient size of 68 cm wide and 79 cm deep.

The table has an elegant design that fits well into private homes. It also fits into rehabilitation centers as occupational therapies and physiotherapies. A hand control, arm supports, tabletop grabs and brake wheels are supplied as standard with the table. The tabletop has a boomerang cut-out which allows the user to get into a comfortable position at the table. If you prefer a square tabletop, you can click a crescent-shaped piece into the boomerang cut-out.

Some users may need more support than the standard table offers. If so, you can mount heel and knee supports on the table. They keep the legs in position and help facilitate lifting. Naturally, the heel support plate has a non-slip surface for increased safety.

It is also possible to mount a back support. This helps the user in a standing position. The back support can be adjusted in height and sideways to give optimum support to the user.


The user becomes more self-reliant and tasks of the caregivers are reduced

The mobile standing/supporting table benefits both the user and carer. User becomes more self-reliant in changing position at the table. As a result it adds to the user’s quality of life when they become more independent.

When the user becomes more self-reliant and independent, the tasks of the caregivers are reduced, and the amount of heavy lifting is minimised. This improves their health and safety at work.

The table’s design and features are ergonomic making it easy to use and adjust. It either meets or exceeds relevant standards for assistive aids for people with mobility disabilities. Get-up stand and sit table is approved for a user weight of 135 kg.

As the table is tested and approved according to the standards, you can be confident, that it is safe and durable in use.

Get-Up is an ideal solution as a standing/supporting table for people with limited mobility in both private homes and in professional settings.


Item no.: 10-76261

Standing/supporting table
Mobile electrical height adjustable table and person lifter 75-135 cm
Tabletop size 79x68 cm
Incl. boomerang Ø46 cm, hand control, arm supports, handles and brake wheels

Standing/supporting table


Item no.: 10-76303

Person lifting system
Table and person may be adjusted simultaneously
Incl. leather sling
220V AC

Person lifting system Incl. leather sling

Item no.: 10-76304

Fabric sling
Washable 60º

Fabric sling

Item no.: 10-76314

Back Support
Padded with black imitated leather
Back support to be angled, adjusted in height and horizontally

Back Support

Item no.: 10-76320

Knee Support
Adjustable knee support
Padded with black imitated leather
Incl. slip resistant foot rest

Knee Support

Item no.: 10-76322

Heel Support
Padded with black foam rubber

Heel Support

Item no.: 20-30523

Ø 30 cm
Delivered with Ø 40 cm as standard

Item no.: 20-30527

Half moon shaped plate
Fills belly cutout in the table top

Item no.: 10-76311

External charger for the battery
Incl. holder
220V AC

External charger for the battery

Technical data

Get-up stand and sit table technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN12182-2012

Max. user load: 135 kg

Height: 75-135 cm

Colour: grey