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ROPOX Kitchen tables / FlexiManual

Instant worktop adjustment by winding handle

Flexi is a flexible kitchen that can be height adjusted vertically up and down.

All installations, legs and walls can be hidden with concealment pannels.

It is easily mounted on wall.

If you want to mount on a non-bearing wall, there will be provided support feet.




Item No.: See below

Ropox FlexiManual


Manual height adjustable frame for worktop.

Height adjustment 30 cm.

For worktop depth 58-62 cm.

Supplied with a detachable handle.

Standard colour is white RAL 9010.

Numbers of legs and support arms depends on the size of worktop.

Item No.: 30-65060 to 30-65100

Length of worktop 60-100 cm

Frame with 2 support arms
Item No.: 30-65105 to 30-65150

Length of worktop 105-150 cm

Frame with 4 support arms
Item No.: 30-65155 to 30-65200

Length of worktop 155-200 cm

Frame with 4 support arms
Item No.: 30-65205 to 30-65250

Length of worktop 205-250 cm

Frame with 5 support arms
Item No.: 30-65255 to 30-65300

Length of worktop 255-300 cm

Frame with 7 support arms



Accesssories as for Flexi Electric.



Ropox FlexiManual video

Get a view of how the FlexiManual solution from Ropox works in a kitchen.

Technical data

Technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS / EN12182-2012

Max. weight: 150 kg evenly distributed
Height: 65-95 cm
Length: 60-300 cm


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