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ROPOX Kitchen tables / FlexiElectric

A flexible electric kitchen system that can be height adjusted.

Flexi is a flexible kitchen that can be height adjusted vertically up and down.

It is easily mounted on wall.

All installations, legs and walls can be hidden with concealment pannels.

If you want to mount on a non-bearing wall, there will be provided support feet.


Item No.: See below

Ropox FlexiElectric


Electrical height adjustable frame for worktop.

Height adjustment 30 cm.

For worktop depth 58-62 cm. In general the frame is 5 cm shorter than the tabletop.

Supplied with a small control switch 3x6 cm.

Standard colour is white RAL 9010.

Numbers of legs and support arms depends on the size of worktop.

Item No.: 30-66060 to 30-66100

Length of worktop 60-100 cm.

Frame with 2 support arms
Item No.: 30-66105 to 30-66150

Length of worktop 105-150 cm.

Frame with 4 support arms
Item No.: 30-66155 to 30-66200

Length of worktop 155-200 cm.

Frame with 4 support arms
Item No.: 30-66205 to 30-66250

Length of worktop 205-250 cm.

Frame with 5 support arms
Item No.: 30-66255 to 30-66300

Length of worktop 255-300 cm.

Frame with 7 support arms


Item No.: See below

Safety strip. Available in lengths 56-820cm. Incl. cable

Item No.: 30-69056 to 30-69120

Safety strip L= 56 to 120 cm

Item No.: 30-69160 to 30-69200

Safety strip L= 160 to 200 cm

Item No.: 30-69240

Safety strip L= 240 cm

Item No.: 30-69280

Safety strip L= 280 cm

Item No.: 30-69320

Safety strip L= 320 cm

Item No.: 30-69420

Safety strip L= 420 cm

Item No.: 30-69520 to 30-69620

Safety strip L= 520 to 620 cm

Item No.: 30-69820

Safety strip L= 820 cm

Item No.: 30-69002



For coupling of Safety strips Flexi/Flexi and Safety Stop plates for all the wall unit systems

Item No.: 30-67870

Extension cable for safety stop


Length 250cm

Item No.: 30-67871

Spiral extension cable for safety stop


Length 25-150cm.

Item No.: 30-40660

Extension cable for standard control switch and large press pad


Length 350cm. + spiral. 7 pins DIN plug

Item No.: 30-67841

Large press pad


14x7cm, white

Item No.: 30-67849

Infra red control - with 2 functions.


2 channels. Range 150-200cm. Incl. Split cable.

Item No.: 30-67619 to 30-67625

Support arms

For other worktop depths different sizes of support arms may be ordered.

When ordering a complete frame, the support arms are free of charge.

Worktop depth 38-72 cm.

Item No.: 30-67642 and 30-67643

Support arm for outside of the alu profile

Worktop depths 58-62 cm.

Item No.: 30-67735 and 30-67737

Cover telscopic

Cover with out  and with supporting food. If the whole leg is to be hidden on the wall, telescopic covers can be ordered.

Standard colour white - RAL 9010.

Item No.: 30-67702 and 30-67703

Supporting food

In length 30 cm and 49 cm.
If there is a need to releive the wall a bit, it is possible to mount supporting feet on the legs.
Standard colour i white - RAL 9010.

Item No.: 30-67760

Fittings for panels

If all installations and legs are to be hidden, concealment pannels may be mounted.

Item No.: 30-67672

Distance bracket

If there is a need to move out the frame from the wall, a distance bracked can be used. 7 cm.

Item No.: 30-66010

Reduction af adjustment

Re-programming reduction of height adjustment upwards. Minimum 1 cm interval.

Item No.: 30-45007

Stainless steel sink

Model A-400
Size 40x34x13.5 cm
Incl. insulation plate


Item No.: 30-45008

Stainless steel sink

Model A-400
Size 40x34x10 cm
Incl. insulation plate

Item No.: 40-25754

Plumbing kit

The kit consist of elbows, universal trap, flexible waste pipe, intersection, crossings and 2 feed pipes 100 cm.



Ropox FlexiElectric video

Get a view of how the FlexiElectric solution from Ropox works in a kitchen.


Ropox Montage video FlexiElectric (English)


Ropox Montage video FlexiElectric ledningsnet (English)


Ropox Montage video Smartbox 2 (English)


Ropox Montage video FlexiElectric (German)


Ropox Montage video FlexiElectric ledningsnet (German)


Ropox Montage video Smartbox 2 (German)

Technical data

Technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN12182-2012
Max. load: 150 kg evenly distributed
Height: 65-95 cm


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