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ROPOX Kitchen / FlexiCorner

Economic system for complete instant movement of an L shaped worktop – electric or manual

This solution is ideal for kitchens where there is only one use of the kitchen, and where space is limited, whereas the corner also can be harnessed and used as a workplace.

Ropox FlexiCorner is available as:

-  Manually operated by means of handle

-  Electrically operated with a little control switch



Item No.: -

Ropox FlexiCorner


When ordering FlexiCorner frames we need to have the following information:

- Length of worktops
- Depths of worktops


Manual height adjusting:

65-95cm., the maximum length of frame is 300cm x 300cm.

Max. load of frame is 150kg evenly distributed over the entire worktop. Incl. Handle


Electric height adjusting:

65-95cm., the length of frame 250cm x 250cm - standard speed.
Length of frame 250-300cm x 250-300cm - reduced speed.
Max. load of frame is 150kg evenly distributed over the entire worktop.
Incl. Control switch, 3x6 cm Accessories as for FlexiElectric.



Accessories like to Flexi Electric



Ropox Montage video Smartbox 2 (English)


Ropox Montage video Smartbox 2 (German)

Room Layout

Room Layout
flexicorner l-shaped   flexicorner u-shaped
ROPOX Corner solution - L shape   Ropox Corner solution - U shape
flexi one-sided   flexi two-sided
Ropox Kitchen solution - 1 side   Ropox Kitchen solution - 2 side

Technical data

Technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN12182-2012

Max. weight: 150 kg evenly distributed.
Height: 65-95 cm
Length: 300-300 cm


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