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ROPOX Kitchen tables / Flexi Basic

Occasional worktop adjustment by a caretaker using a portable lifting device that can be shared between several kitchens

It is easily mounted on wall. If you want to mount on a non-bearing wall, there will be provided support feet.


Item No.: 30-63060

Ropox FlexiBasic


Manual height adjustment 65-95 cm. with Jack-Up

Wall mounted. For worktop depth 58-62 cm.


Worktop frame for worktop length 60-200cm. is with 2 legs and is available with 5cm range.


Worktop frame for worktop length 205-300cm. is with 3 legs and is available with 5cm range.


Length of frame 55 cm. for length of worktop 60 cm.

Item No.: 30-63065

Length of frame 60 cm. for length of worktop 65 cm.

Item No.: 30-63070

Length of frame 65 cm. for length of worktop 70 cm.

Item No.: 30-63075

Length of frame 70 cm. for length of worktop 75 cm.

Item No.: 30-63080

Length of frame 75 cm. for length of worktop 80 cm.

Item No.: 30-63085

Length of frame 80 cm. for length of worktop 85 cm.

Item No.: 30-63090

Length of frame 85 cm. for length of worktop 90 cm.

Item No.: 30-63095

Length of frame 90 cm. for length of worktop 95 cm.

Item No.: 30-63100

Length of frame 95 cm. for length of worktop 100 cm.

Item No.: 30-63105

Ropox FlexiBasic


Frame for worktop. Manual height adjustment 65-95 cm. Jack-Up Wall mounted. For worktop depth 58-62 cm.

Length of frame 100 cm. for length of worktop 105 cm.


Item No.: 30-63110

Length of frame 105 cm. for length of worktop 110 cm.

Item No.: 30-63115

Length of frame 110 cm. for length of worktop 115 cm.

Item No.: 30-63120

Length of frame 115 cm. for length of worktop 120 cm.

Item No.: 30-63125

Length of frame 120 cm. for length of worktop 125 cm.

Item No.: 30-63130

Length of frame 125 cm. for length of worktop 130 cm.

Item No.: 30-63135

Length of frame 130 cm. for length of worktop 135 cm.

Item No.: 30-63140

Length of frame 135 cm. for length of worktop 140 cm.

Item No.: 30-63145

Length of frame 140 cm. for length of worktop 145 cm.

Item No.: 30-63150

Length of frame 145 cm. for length of worktop 150 cm.

Item No.: 30-63155

Ropox FlexiBasic


Frame for worktops. Manual height adjustment 65-95 cm. Jack-Up, Wall mounted. For worktop depth 58-62 cm.

Length of frame 150 cm. for length of worktop 155 cm.

Item No.: 30-63160

Length of frame 155 cm. for length of worktop 160 cm.

Item No.: 30-63165

Length of frame 160 cm. for length of worktop 165 cm.

Item No.: 30-63170

Length of frame 165 cm. for length of worktop 170 cm.

Item No.: 30-63175

Length of frame 170 cm. for length of worktop 175 cm.

Item No.: 30-63180

Length of frame 175 cm. for length of worktop 180 cm.

Item No.: 30-63185

Length of frame 180 cm. for length of worktop 185 cm.

Item No.: 30-63190

Length of frame 185 cm. for length of worktop 190 cm.

Item No.: 30-63195

Length of frame 190 cm. for length of worktop 195 cm.

Item No.: 30-63200

Length of frame 195 cm. for length of worktop 200 cm.

Item No.: 30-63205

Ropox FlexiBasic

Frame for worktops. Manual height adjustment 65-95 cm. Jack-Up, Wall mounted.

For worktop depth 58-62 cm.


Length of frame 200 cm. for length of worktop 205 cm.

Item No.: 30-63210

Length of frame 205 cm. for length of worktop 210 cm.

Item No.: 30-63215

Length of frame 210 cm. for length of worktop 215 cm.

Item No.: 30-63220

Length of frame 215 cm. for length of worktop 220 cm.

Item No.: 30-63225

Length of frame 220 cm. for length of worktop 225 cm.

Item No.: 30-63230

Length of frame 225 cm. for length of worktop 230 cm.

Item No.: 30-63235

Length of frame 230 cm. for length of worktop 235 cm.

Item No.: 30-63240

Length of frame 235 cm. for length of worktop 240 cm.

Item No.: 30-63245

Length of frame 240 cm. for length of worktop 245 cm.

Item No.: 30-63250

Length of frame 245 cm. for length of worktop 250 cm.

Item No.: 30-63255

Ropox FlexiBasic

Frame for worktops. Manual height adjustment 65-95 cm. Jack-Up, Wall mounted.

For worktop depth 58-62 cm.


Length of frame 250 cm. for length of worktop 255 cm.

Item No.: 30-63260

Length of frame 255 cm. for length of worktop 260 cm.

Item No.: 30-63265

Length of frame 260 cm. for length of worktop 265 cm.

Item No.: 30-63270

Length of frame 265 cm. for length of worktop 270 cm.

Item No.: 30-63275

Length of frame 270 cm. for length of worktop 275 cm.

Item No.: 30-63280

Length of frame 275 cm. for length of worktop 280 cm.

Item No.: 30-63285

Length of frame 280 cm. for length of worktop 285 cm.

Item No.: 30-63290

Length of frame 285 cm. for length of worktop 290 cm.

Item No.: 30-63295

Length of frame 290 cm. for length of worktop 295 cm.

Item No.: 30-63300

Length of frame 295 cm. for length of worktop 300 cm.


Item No.: 30-63402

Jack-Up for FlexiBasic


One Jack-Up unit may be used for all FlexiBasic frames.

Technical data

Technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS / EN12182-2012

Max. weight: 150 kg evenly distributed
Height: 65-95 cm
Length: 60-300 cm


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