A pot stand makes cooking easier

If you have limited mobility, you need assistive aids making kitchen chores easier. Extra help to keep pots and pans in place on the cooker may be required to prevent them from sliding on the cooking plate when you stir in the pots. That is the reason we have developed the pot stand.

The pot stand is a practical and user-friendly assistive aid that keeps pots and pans in place.


Fits almost all cookers and pot sizes

The pot stand is designed to fit practically all stoves and cooking plates on the market. And there is a model for electric cookers and one for gas cookers. Futhermore, you can adjust the arms of the pot stand to fit different pot sizes.

This means that you can be sure that the pot holder is suitable no matter which stove you have or how big or small the pot is. The pot stand will keep the pots fastened, and the user only needs one hand to stir in the pots.


A flexible assistive aid for seniors and people with disabilities

When you mount the pot stand, you attach a bracket on the wall or table. If you have a cooking plate with four plates, we recommend that you install the bracket aligned with the middle of the cooking plate. The pot stand is then attached into the bracket hooks, and you can adjust the arms that keep the pots fastened to fit the different pots and pans.

The pot stand is easy to remove if needed. In all, the pot stand is an aid that makes cooking more manageable for people with limited mobility.


Item no.: 20-52601

Potholder, for gas cooker
The pot will be fixed
With a pot stand is it possible to stir in the pots with only one hand

Pot stand

Item no.: 20-52602

Potholder, for electric cooker
The pot will be fixed
With a pot stand is it possible to stir in the pots with only one hand

Item no.: 20-52655

Bracket, for pot stand
This bracket is for Flexi frame systems
This way the pot stand will follow the worktop height