A height adjustable ironing board makes people with limited mobility more self-reliant

Some of the most common tasks in everyday life can be challenging for people with mobility disabilities because the products are not designed for their needs and capabilities. That is the reason we have developed a height adjustable ironing board that makes it easier to iron clothes if you, for example, is using a wheelchair.


The ironing board is available with and without height adjustment

The ironing board comes in two models: One with a fixed height and one that is height adjustable. The model with a fixed height is mounted on the wall in the height that fits the user best. The other model has a height adjustable wall unit where the ironing board can be adjusted 17 cm by pulling the grip on the unit. It makes it easy and user-friendly to set the height to the optimum working height regardless if the user is sitting or standing.

Both models are foldable. When the ironing board is not in use, you can fold it up against the wall, so it does not take up unnecessary space in the room.


Especially suitable for wheelchair users

The ironing board is designed to be directly mounted on the wall. This means that there are no braces or legs underneath the board. This design feature is important to wheelchair users since it allows them to get the wheelchair under the board. As they have accessibility to get into a comfortable position, they can enjoy working from an ergonomic position when ironing.


Tested and approved assistive aid

The ironing board is both CE marked and tested and approved to comply with the European standards for assistive aids for people with disabilities. They are also manufactured according to the specifications in the Machinery Directive regarding medical equipment. This means that the ironing board is stable, user-friendlya and durable and you can be certain to get a high-quality product that is easy and safe to use.


Item no.: 10-78500

Ironing board, wall mounted
Height adjustable and folding ironing board
Height adjustment 17 cm
Length of board 110 cm

Ironing Board

Item no.: 10-78510

Height adjustment unit
Height adjustable and folding ironing board
Height adjustment within 17 cm

Height adjsutment unit for Ironing Board

Technical data

Ironing board technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN12182-2012

Max. load: 25 kg
Length: 143 cm
Width: 30 cm

Materials: Steel Surface-treated steel, Cover plates PA and ABS,Aluminium Surface-treated aluminium and Board Melamine
Surface treatment: Powder-coating

Installation Information




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