Stationary Brackets

Item no. 7822

When you only need to adjust the height of the wall cabinets occasionally

Stationary brackets for upper wall cabinets in the kitchen is suitable if you only need to adjust the height of the cabinets occasionally. This solution is amongst others suitable for senior housings and disability friendly homes where the kitchen is readjusted when a new resident moves in.

The brackets fit all standard upper wall cabinets. Once you have mounted a cabinet  on the brackets, you can adjust them stepwise in intervals of 4,2 cm. This means you will get flexible kitchen cupboards that look like ordinary cabinets but has the accessibility that people with limited mobility need.

The brackets are hidden because they are on the backside of the upper cabinet. This way your wall cupboards will be elegant, flexible and disability friendly. The user will become more self-reliant in the kitchen which improves their quality of life.