Shower/Changing bed

Item no. 11711

Height adjustable and ergonomic shower/changing beds for changing and personal care

The height-adjustable shower/changing bed is a stable, durable and flexible solution for people with mobility disabilities. The user lies comfortably and safely on the nursing bench, and the caregiver gets optimum work conditions. When the bench is not in use, you can fold it up and avoid that it takes up space in the room.

The slats are double-sided and have a soft, flexible surface that is comfortable to the user. The care staff can change the height using the electrical height adjustment. Combined with the ergonomic and cleaning friendly design, it gives optimum work conditions for the carers.

You can adjust the shower/changing bed height from 30-100 cm using a hand control. This allows the carer to set the height to a suitable level and allows for a smooth transfer of, e.g., wheelchair users with a minimum physical strain for the caregivers.