Mobilio Shower Bed

Item no. 33249


The mobile and height-adjustable Mobilio shower bed provides optimum working conditions for the caregivers and a safe and comfortable environment for the users.

The shower/changing bed combines two important elements: A height-adjustable base on wheels and a top with outstanding comfort. It gives the carers better accessibility to the bench and reduces the number of transfers. The result is fewer lifts and twists during the day and a minimum of heavy lifting for the staff. The users will find that it is safe and comfortable to lie on the soft slats when they get help with showering or changing.

But it is not only the level of comfort that is in a class of its own. The safety is also first-class. The shower bed has brake wheels, there are bed guards, and it can be delivered with a battery solution, so the length of the cords does not limit you, and it also removes the risk of stumbling over cords and cables lying on the floor.