Item no. 6624

A manual lift system that makes kitchen worktops height adjustable and disability friendly

FlexiManual is a lift system for kitchen worktops that makes the worktop height adjustable. With the lift system, you can adjust the table height from 65-95 cm. This means that both standing and seated users can use the worktop.

As the worktop is height adjustable and since there is plenty of legroom under the worktop, wheelchair users get the needed space for their legs and wheelchair. This ensures that they get a comfortable sitting position where they can take part in the kitchen activities.

The lift system is adjusted manually with a handle. When you want to change the height, you put the handle in the transmission on the front edge of the worktop and turn it a few times until it reaches the desired height. It makes it easy to set the table to a level that fits the individual user.

FlexiManual is an ideal solution for kitchens that are used by people with limited functional capacity.