Flexi Basic

Item no. 6705

A flexible lift system that makes kitchen worktops manually height adjustable

FlexiBasic is an efficient and height adjustable frame for kitchen worktops where you need occasional height adjustment. The portable lifting unit makes it possible to manually lower or raise the table. This makes it especially suitable for nursing homes, sheltered accommodations and housings for disabled people.

You can adjust the height manually from 65-95 cm with a jack-up lifting device located under the table. The lift system is mounted directly on the wall, and the sturdy support arms keep the worktop firm and stable. It leaves plenty of room under the table and provides the needed legroom for wheelchair users. It results in a comfortable position by the worktop.

The lift system allows you to make adjustable, handicap friendly kitchens that suit different users’ needs. But more importantly, it makes everyday life more comfortable for people with mobility disabilities.