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Ropox offers height adjustable systems for height adjustment of worktops and wall cupboards to obtain optimum working conditions in the kitchen for seated and standing users.

Ropox kitchen solutions provide:
  • Improved self-support via flexibility -The multifunctional kitchen system is ideal for training or it can as well be installed in private homes. The height adjustable system form a basis of large flexibility when using the height adjustment facility in the kitchen in private homes and the family obtain an optimum working condition in the kitchen. The system is flexible and easy both for seated and standing users and it is also an ideal solution when children are going to assist in the kitchen.
  • Individual solutions for individual users – As a customer, you may choose your kitchen products and design from the market suppliers and as supplement you may buy the Ropox height-adjustable systems through your kitchen supplier. Several solutions are available for height adjustments of the wall cupboards and they are wall-mounted. For adjustment of the worktop, freestanding and wall-mounted solutions are available.

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Our solutions

Our solutions can be used in furnishing in:
  • Protected and residences for the disabled
  • Nursing homes
  • Private homes
  • Schools and training kitchens


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